Kieran Delaney Logo

copilot is an advanced front and back-end framework developed by ense corp. for building and managing car show websites and registration.

Part of the copilot experience is the building of community, so each new registrant would receive their own personalized pair of dog tags. Embedded in the tags would be an RFID chip with all the user’s information (name, email address, car information, etc…). These chipped tags would help to expedite show check-in and judging, since the chip could just be scanned to give the registration staff/judges all the needed information about the person/car.

The packaging is designed to be compact yet feel substantial. The contrast of steel gray and bright orange are riffs of the ense corp. company colors, and the symbol for the logo plays off the spirit of an airplane copilot, by using the image of a vintage fighter plane steering wheel.

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