Kieran Delaney Logo

Bully is a brand of men’s grooming products designed for the working man. The products’ rugged, tough nature is portrayed in the logo, which was inspired by the emblems of 1950s work trucks. The packaging would have minimal color and consist mostly of embossed greyboard with black and white labels and only a splash of green used on the logo for contrast. The use of the dog and the name bully itself is meant to symbolize the loyalty and tough nature of bully-breed dogs.

The distressing on the logo and associated elements (stars, straight razors…) is meant to show that the product has been used and is weathered, but is still standing strong. The logo and packaging should convey the sense that by using the Bully brand of products, the consumer would also be rough, rugged and tough.

The copy is meant to be casual and fun with sayings like, “super awesome hair grease”, “rub in hair, look awesome”, and “kick ass soap”. Bully is not a pretentious, spa brand, it’s meant to be something that would be found in a traditional barber shop. Think rock-a-billy, hot rods and drive-ins.

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