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I have always loved photography, but I was never any good with a camera. I could just never fully grasp the mechanics of traditional film photography. I was always better at being the person behind the person with the camera; the one art/creative directing shoots. Explaining what I wanted/needed, but never really being able to get the shot myself.

I eventually decided that it was time to learn how to use my camera properly. Now that I have some more knowledge, I’m really enjoying being able to take the shots myself. It’s been very rewarding being able to not only art direct but also being able to produce the images myself.

Black and white photographic still life of abstract wooden birds.
Erinn at dawn. Palmisano Park, Chicago skyline.
Long exposure, motion trails.
Letterpress typographic still life detail.
Low light, long exposure, Palmisano Park at dusk.
Beauty in decay. Dead tulips.
Long exposure, frozen motion.
Typographic light painting experiment.
Vintage industrial pulley.
Metal flower detail.
Light painting experiment #2.
Kieran Delaney, self portrait.
Fiona the boxer, deep in thought.
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