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I love sketching and typography, so why not combine the two and have a bit of fun in the process? Occasionally we just need to step away from the computer, take a piece of paper, pick up a pen or a marker or some paint and just create. Creativity comes from within, not from our computers or applications; they're just tools — in the same way that paper and pen are — that help to bring our ideas to fruition.


without an identity, any subject will be unrecognizable. who is it, what is it, what makes it what it is. you will choose a subject. person, place, houseplant, private army, etc. real or fictional, determine the important aspects of their identity. draw this aspect out in a lettering form that fits the identity of the subject.

thick and thin

building visual interest. layering. contrast. comparison. pattern… play with this. choose one word. work with a word that can embody the idea of using both thick and thin strokes. draw this word out in a way that visually defines duplicity.

style and mantra

inspiration, motivation, personal philosophy, words, thoughts, motivation… choose a word, phrase, quote or sentence that defines your philosophy or outlook. draw this out in a lettering form that fits the style of the message and your personal style.


choose a word. craft that word using a hand drawn technique. make a stencil. think upscale typographic street art or visually refined graffiti. draw out this word using a technique that makes sense with the subject matter. the execution should match the concept.


upset, pissed off, angry, irritated, feeling sinister, want to set someone straight? choose a message based on a frustration of your choosing. choose something that will allow you to be expressive. draw this out in a lettering form that fits the emotion of the message.

visual speech

comics. graphic novels. pop art. you may not hear the emphasis, inflection, sarcasm, or seriousness, but you can see it.

choose a phrase, exclamation, or statement. now, make the feeling of this message match the visual form of it. then, draw out the message in a way that slaps the viewer in the face.

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